Monday, March 18, 2013


Yesterday, 17 March, it was my 18th brithday!
fun-carry on
This photo is from the snapshot's project Music I posted a while ago. 
Last week I started to make a photobook. When
 I came to this photo the page was a bit to white. So I thought 
it would be nice if I put some lyrics on it. So that is why 
I created this.  

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Charlotte said...

Nog gefelcititeerd!! En mooie foto's,
ps; er is een giveaway op mijn blog, doe je mee?

Chicks AboutFashion said...

Nog gefeliciteerd, mijn vader was ook die dag jarig!


Chicks About Fashion

Ankhesenamun said...

Happy Birthday!

raluca marie wolfski said...

hope you had a lovely party and you were with your dearest people and awesome gifts :).

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